There’s A Lesson In Disney CEO Bob Iger’s Cowardly Silence On China

Disney CEO Bob Iger is willing to weigh in on all sorts of political issues -- just so long as none of them might...

Shaq Defends American Values, Stands Up For Free Speech

As the NBA season tips off in the midst of controversy, former basketball star and reserve police officer Shaquille O'Neal stood up for free speech...

Dem Senator: Trump Is Right to Confront China

A top Senate Democrat backed President Donald Trump's confrontation of China over its trade practices and criticized American companies for sacrificing "their values" to...

Is It Time For America To Begin Decoupling From Communist China?

Perhaps the most momentous part of the Trump administration’s National Security Strategy (NSS) was its acknowledgment that the U.S. government’s historical premise “that support...

American University Students Barred From Gaming Platform After Holding Sign That Reads ‘Free Hong...

Activision Blizzard, the inventor of the game “Hearthstone,” has suspended three American University students for holding a sign that read, “Free Hong Kong. Boycott...

Zuckerberg Attacks China On Free Speech, But What About Facebook’s Own Censorship Issues?

Facebook might be a global company—the largest social network in the world—but Zuckerberg made an argument at Georgetown University on Thursday that America ought...

The Blizzard Gaming Boycott Is The Tip Of The Chinese Censorship Iceberg

If you’ve somehow managed to browse the internet without hearing about the Blizzard debacle, let me catch you up: Blizzard Entertainment is a gaming...

Hosting The G7 At His Doral Resort Gives Trump The Home-Field Advantage

Remember when you were a kid and your parents or grandparents hosted the holiday dinner? You had the run of the house, you could...

Deterring Chinese Military Ambitions Before It’s Too Late

From 2010 to 2012, at least 30—and probably many more—Chinese nationals working as spies for the Central Intelligence Agency in China were systematically identified...

Trump Administration Cracks Down on Chinese Diplomats in U.S.

The Trump administration issued new restrictions on the actions Chinese government diplomats are permitted to take in the United States in response to the...
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