San Francisco’s New Socialist, Soft On Crime D.A. Is The Last Thing The City...

On Saturday, public defender Chesa Boudin won the race to become district attorney of San Francisco. His victory, although celebrated as part of the...

Relatives Of Family Slain In Mexico Say Cartel Attack Was No Accident

Two relatives of the LaBarron family in La Mora, Mexico told Fox News anchor Martha MacCallum the deadly attack killing nine U.S. dual citizens...

Nine Americans Slaughtered In Likely Mexican Drug Cartel Violence

At least six children and three women, all Americans with ties to Utah, were killed in a daylight ambush in Northern Mexico on Monday,...

I Crunched The Data. The Violence ‘Epidemic’ Against Transgender People Is A Myth

“Trans people are dying!” chanted a group of transgender protesters interrupting Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg during one of many CNN discussions on LGBT...

California’s ‘Woke’ Prop 47 Doomed Cities With Crime Rings And Theft

Since the passage of the infamous Prop 47 five years ago, then marketed by California Democrats as the “Safe Neighborhoods and Schools Act,” theft...

Jury Sees ABC News Undercover Video That Inspired David Daleiden To Investigate Planned Parenthood

Journalist and abortion activist David Daleiden took the witness stand in a San Francisco courtroom on Tuesday, where he testified that it was an...

New Jersey Sheriff Sues Attorney General For Barring Police Cooperation With ICE

As Mexican military police halted the advance of 2,000 U.S.-bound foreign citizens over the weekend, New Jersey Sheriff Robert Nolan is battling his own...

Judge Suppresses Evidence Of Baby Body Part Trafficking In Planned Parenthood Trial

Over the last two weeks in the ongoing federal civil jury trial of Planned Parenthood against David Daleiden, Judge William Orrick has repeatedly cut...

Does American Jewry’s Future Include Officers Guarding Us In Riot Gear?

Passing on religious rituals was something I remember looking forward to before I became a mother. Little did I know that the Jewish High...

Acquitted Convict Criticizes Harris’s District Attorney Record

An actor acquitted of murder is criticizing Sen. Kamala Harris's (D., Calif.) role in his conviction. San Francisco courts convicted Jamal Trulove of murder in...
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