Focus: Moving to a remote Scottish island

For most people, the idea of leaving the city life and moving to the country can be daunting. However, we see more and more...

Focus: The opportunities and challenges for the travel payments industry

Bart Tompkins, Managing Director, Payments, Amadeus For generations, innovation in payment didn’t mean much more than introduction of cheques and credit cards. But...

Focus: Ways to enjoy iGaming while Travelling

Before the introduction of advanced technology, including tablets and other electronic gadgets, people played games as a form of entertainment on flights and the...

Focus: EU low-cost airlines: What’s changed in a year?

In Europe, the low-cost airline is King and, despite dwindling comfort and ever-growing restrictions (Ryanair, we’re talking about your baggage policy here!), they are...

Focus: Golf Guide to Turkey

There are many reasons why you should consider travelling to Turkey for a golf holiday. The country is easy to reach from many European...

Focus: Australian sensory tourism operator goes from 0 to 40 tours for travellers with...

Imagine sightseeing with no sight! That’s exactly what an estimated 500,000 Australians with sight loss usually experience on holidays, until Australian start-up Cocky Guides...

Focus: What to do on a school trip to London?

Educational trips have been proven to have a positive impact on student learning. Taking your kids or students on field trip to London can...

Focus: Most influential cities in the world: Singapore

This dynamic, accessible and innovative city, still remains to be one of the most influential places in the world. But why? What is it...

Focus: India streamlines visitor arrivals with online Visa

India is a beautiful, subtropical country and a popular tourist destination. India attracts more than 10 million foreign visitors every year. India has hundreds...

Focus: InterContinental® Sofia and the road to success

Only a year and a half after its opening, InterContinental® Sofia is already а leader in the luxury travel market in Bulgaria and can...
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