Americans Ignore Democrats’ Demands To Watch Their Impeachment Farce

Does anyone really believe the conclusion of Democrats’ impeachment “inquiry” isn’t predetermined? President Trump was guilty the moment he won the 2016 election —...

9 Hits And Misses During Disney Plus’s Launch Week

In response to an interview question about the proliferating theme parks of the late 1950s, entertainment pioneer Walt Disney spoke on the unique ideas...

In Defense Of Sean Spicer’s Delightfully Talentless Romp Through ‘Dancing with the Stars’

Sean Spicer is cruising through “Dancing with the Stars” on two left feet. He’s certainly not surviving on the merits of his dancing, and...

I Watched What Happened Live At Bravo, But So Did You

On Tuesday, Sept. 24, I attended a taping of Bravo’s “Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen” I saw Kelly Dodd. I drank champagne....

Go Ahead, Make A Martyr Out Of Michael Che

The knives are out for “Weekend Update” host Michael Che, although it’s difficult to know how many have actually been brandished. The media is...

Americans Are Losing The Ability To Make Friends. Here’s How To Recover It

Anyone who has taken a high school French class can recall the scene from the classic novella “Le Petit Prince” of the drunkard who...

What Netflix’s ‘Raising Dion’ Can Teach Us About Fear, Superheroes, And Parenting

The superhero genre takes a new, science fiction-heavy twist in Netflix’s “Raising Dion,” out this month for series streaming. The show is about a...
bluff-city-boondoggle: new-legal-drama-leaves-taxpayers-on-the-hook-for-liberal-spin-and-poor-ratings  

Bluff City Boondoggle: New Legal Drama Leaves Taxpayers On The Hook For Liberal Spin And...

NBC’s “Bluff City Law” stands as yet another reminder that film and television subsidies fail to deliver on their promised benefits. As an attorney...

‘Schitt’s Creek’ And The Growing Mystery Of Our Television Habits

It’s odd to see “Schitt’s Creek” described as a “cult comedy” (see here and here and here) when the show actually feels like one...

NBC Redefined The Sitcom, So What Went Wrong This Fall?

(Spoilers ahead.) When NBC announced new fall shows “Sunnyside” and “Perfect Harmony”–both of which follow characters on self-improvement bents backed by quirky ensembles—it seemed inevitable...
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