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Pete Davidson requires $1M NDA to see stand-up comedy show


Comedian Pete Davidson is going to great lengths to protect his stand-up act from leaking online or from audience members discussing it.

The 26-year-old Saturday Night Live star made fans sign a $1 million confidentiality and nondisclosure agreement prior to a recent show in San Francisco. The NDA specified that audience members would not be permitted to give interviews, critique, or offer opinions on the show.

“Any patron who is unable or unwilling to sign the agreement will not be allowed to enter and will be giving a full refund,” the document read. “Save time at the venue tonight by printing, signing, and bringing this agreement with you!”

The NDA was distributed to ticket buyers just hours before the show started, leaving some of Davidson’s fans upset and confused.

In addition to the NDA, attendees had to seal their phones and smartwatches in locked pouches before the show. Recording devices of any type were explicitly barred. Other performers like Dave Chappelle and Madonna have also used sealed pouches to protect their shows from leaking online.

Davidson was panned after a recent performance at the University of Central Florida because he used “ abusive language” during his routine by using the word “retarded.” During that same event, he scolded the crowd about their cell phone usage.

“If you film everything and not enjoy the show for f—ing an hour then, like, I don’t gotta be here,” he said. “I could just give them their money back because I don’t give a f—.”

In an interview last month, Davidson bemoaned the current state of comedy and claimed it was “getting destroyed” by hypersensitive audiences.