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Quick hits: Illinois news in brief for Tuesday, Nov. 5, 2019


Chicago teachers to vote on new union contract after strike

After ending a protracted teacher strike last week, Illinois’ largest teachers’ union will soon vote on the new five-year agreement.

Chicago Teachers Union members are set to vote on Nov. 14 and Nov. 15 on whether to accept the contract hashed out between union leaders and the district.

If they reject it, the Chicago Tribune reported they’ll go back on strike, sending more than 300,000 students back home.

Illinois state education database now shows per-pupil spending by school

Some districts spend far more per student at some schools and less at others, but parents can now find how just how big the difference is after per-pupil spending by school was added to the latest Illinois Report Card.

In addition to the district-level data, the Illinois State Board of Education now includes how much is spent per student in each school using each school’s fiscal year 2018 financial reports.

“Exploring this new level of financial data and context can deepen our understanding of equity in Illinois,” Illinois State Board of Education Superintendent Carmen Ayala said.

McDonald’s dumps CEO over relationship with employee

One of the world’s premier fast-food chains has dumped its CEO.

Chicago-based McDonald’s fired Steve Easterbrook after company officials learned that the executive had a relationship with an employee.

The Wall Street Journal reported Easterbrook wrote employees a letter apologizing and agreeing with his termination. It also reported top human resources official, David Fairhurst, left the company.