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So, What Does The Fed Do Next?


David L. Bahnsen, CFP®, CIMA® is the founder, Managing Partner, and Chief Investment Officer of The Bahnsen Group, a bi-coastal private wealth management firm with offices in Newport Beach, CA and New York City, managing over $1.2 billion in client assets. David has been named as one of Barron’s America’s Top 1,200 Advisors, as well as Forbes Top 250 Advisorsand Financial Times Top 300 Advisors in America. He is a frequent guest on CNBC, Bloomberg, and Fox Business and is a regular contributor to National Review and Forbes.

He is the author of the forthcoming book, Crisis of Responsibility: Our Cultural Addiction to Blame and How You Can Cure It (Post Hill Press). David’s weekly writings can be found at www.DividendCafe.com