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‘Some asshole in the f—ing White House’: Nationals fan blasts Trump on live TV during World Series celebration


A reporter in Washington, D.C., was momentarily stunned after a Washington Nationals fan celebrating the team’s victory had some R-rated words for President Trump.

Fox 5’s Sue Palka was interviewing those celebrating the team’s first World Series victory outside of a bar in the Navy Yard neighborhood of D.C. when one apparently intoxicated man mingled politics and sports and said the city “needed” the win because Trump is president.

“I think this is huge for D.C. — D.C. needed this. We got some asshole in the f—ing White House right now,” the man says before Palka takes the microphone, looking shocked about the unexpected on-air profanity.

“Oh no, no, no, no — well, we’re done with that,” she says. “We’re all happy for the Nats and everybody has had a lot to drink down here at Mission bar. But you know what, a lot of people showing up late for work tomorrow.”

The Washington Nationals won during Game 7 Wednesday night in a close series against the Houston Astros. Trump himself attended Game 5 of the World Series last weekend but was met with booing and chants of “lock him up” from the crowd.